Acorn Acres Retrievers
Hi Tom, Callie and the rest of the Bridges
family.  I just wanted to let you know that
I am doing well and enjoying my new home!  
Here are a few pictures of me, I am
getting bigger everyday.

Hi Tom,

My name is Casey, I purchased a yellow and chocolate lab from you in May 2007. I am the gentleman that stopped by your
house a couple Sundays ago with my wife. The new website looks great! I thought I would share a couple pictures for you of
our boys (Riley = chocolate, Tucker = yellow).
I talk about you and your business everywhere I go. These are the best dogs I have ever had, and everyone says the same
about their behavior. My father in-law fell in love with them and is still trying to convince my mother in-law to get one.
We still plan on stopping up with them someday soon.

Enjoy the pictures,
Casey Devlin
Riley and Tucker
My how I've grown!


Dear Tom,

My husband and I purchased a puppy from your December 2006 litter and I have to tell you,
he is the most amazing dog on the face of the earth. We COULD NOT be happier with him.  
At his young age, we get so many compliments not only about how beautiful that he is, but also
how well behaved. People can not believe that he is not even two years old because he is so
calm and well-behaved.  I wish that I could put into words how amazing this dog is.  I couldn't
ask more of him as far as my children go also.  He is a wonderful kid dog.  Also, he LOVES to
fetch and swim.

I just thought that you should know how much we love him and also wanted to send you a
picture of him.  His name is Tucker (AKC name of Acorn Acres Wilson's Fetchin' Tucker)
because we wanted to keep something from his parents.

Wonderful job with this lineage.  My only regret is that we only took one puppy from that

Cheryle and John Wilson                                06/08/2008 / picture updated
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Riley and Tucker
Dear Mommy Ginger and
Daddy Cody and Master
and Ms. Bridges,

I am in heaven in my new
home. My new masters
love me.

My new companion Max,
flushed two pheasants out
of the fields just for me.


Roo              October
Hi...We just wanted to send you guys a little note
and thank you for the wonderful puppy. She is
adjusting well to her new home. "Lilly" loves our yard
and really enjoys playing with us and the kids. Hope
the rest of the litter is finding good homes! We'll be
in touch!                          November 2009
ROO 2009
ROO 2011- flushed his own pheasant!
Maximus - "A Dog's Life"
Just want you to know that the puppy (Fred) is doing fine--exceptionally
well. He has barely even whined--even at night. He seems to have fit
into the household well and no issues at all. We are enjoying him sooo
much. It is just so nice to come home to a dog again.  Here are some
pics. We will keep in touch and give you updates and more pics. He has
really enjoyed the snow--and hockey too :)

Thanks again for providing us with such a great pup.

susan arrigo  
02-01-2011 (Litter 11-04-2010)