Acorn Acres Retrievers began in
1989,  when I began running Hunt
Tests and Field Trials with a great
little Black Female, Raven, who taught
me how it was done. As my love for
Labradors grew, so did the number of
dogs in our family and my decision to
begin a breeding program. It was my
goal, to raise and breed quality
Labradors for Field and home
companion dogs.

It was important that we improve the
breed, and it took many years before
we had Sires and Dams of the quality
desired. We have now been producing
2 to 3 litters a year, for
approximately 20 years. As an AKC
registered breeder, our Sires and
Dams are OFA certified for both hips
and elbows. Our litters are guaranteed
for 26 months to pass an OFA
certification.  Our litters receive all
first series shots and worming; and
have their dewclaws removed.

Our Labs have exceptional
temperament and enjoy much love and
care. We have many repeat customers;
which is a great testament to the
quality we have achieved.
August 2009
April 2009
2 Litters Sold:
Crystal and Pirogue
Titan and Sammie
Our very first Litter:
Dawn "Acorn Acres Sunrise at
Sunset" and
Tricky  "Flatlands Trick or Treat"
Indian Trails Raven Thunder MH
Flat  Lands Trick or Treat MH
Master National Hunt Test ,
Addison, VT
Indian Trails Raven Thunder MH
Master National Hunt Test,
Champion -
Indian Trails Raven Thunder MH
Master National Hunt Test
Glascow, DE
Champion -
Our family favorite -
Raven will always be in our
2 litters: Chocs/Blacks
Cody and Ginger
Titan and Sugar
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Acorn Acres Retrievers
Averaged two to three litters a
year. Litters are registered with
the AKC. All from our own Dams
and Sires.
Our daughter and Piroque
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